I play a father in the Rock On 2: Farhan Akhtar

You shot Rock On 2 in Shillong?

I wanted to do a film in the North-East. This is our tribute to the people of that region . There are North-Eastern students in various parts of India being beaten up and called outsiders. This film is a small attempt to bring the people of that region into popular culture.I am really glad we shot in Shillong. It was an amazing experience. Every single person felt a sense of loss when we finished shooting.We’d all love to back to Shillong.

 Rock On 2 went through a copyright battle in the court with the writer-director of the first Rock On filmAbhishek Kapoor?

I really don’t want  to say too much on this. But…(pauses)…there are too many feelings about him which would never go away.

But he has made every effort to make those feelings go away?

I can’t comment on  why he did what he did.

But you don’t take friends to court?

Well, I didn’t. So you should ask him that question.

So where is Rock On 2 going to take us?

The characters already have a history. But in Rock 2 we’ve a completely new story. Seven years have passed. The  characters have evolved . I play a father in the Rock On 2.

First time?

No I played  a father in Shaadi Ke Side Effects and Wazir.

Do you  wish your pairing with Vidya Balan in Shaadi Ke Side Effects had worked better?

I will always be grateful to Vidya for the one thing she did it for me.She taught me how to take compliments graciously.Earlier I’d just change the topic when someone complimented me. She noticed that. She taught me how to take compliments.

The actor in you seems to have taken over from the director?

For now,yes. I am not sure how long  that would be. It’d take just one moment of inspiration for me to again get passionate about a directing a film. We should not  have hard rules about what we should do and shouldn’t do.


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