Iconic R D Burman Lata Mangeshkar-Kishore Kumar Number For Dutt

The Raj Kumar Hirani-Ranbir  Kapoor bio-pic on Sanjay Dutt just got more exciting. The latest development on that  front is the inclusion  of  the song Kya yeh pyar hai (haan yehi pyar hai) from Sanjay Dutt’s 1981 debut film Rocky.

Fans  of  nostalgia music will recall this Lata-Kishore duet composed  by R D Burman as  one  of the most cherishable romantic melodies of  the 1980s, and one that Sanjay Dutt would sing  to his then-girlfriend Tina Munim who played the romantic lead opposite Dutt in Rocky, even when they were not facing the camera.

While the ultra-romantic velvety  track’s inclusion in Hirani’s Dutt is indeed welcome,what  comes as  surprise  is  the context in which it will be used in the new film.

Says a source, “Kya yehi pyar hai won’t be about romantic love but the love of life. The female  voice has been completely eliminated and we will have only singer, Armaan Malik, crooning about the love of life as Sanjay Dutt goes from one crisis , drugs, to another, imprisonment. The song will play like  a theme tune throughout the film.”

The very talented composer Amaal Malik who has been  given the daunting task of re-mixingKya yeh pyar hai says, “Yes, I am doing a new version  of  Kya yehi pyar hai for the SanjayDutt bio-pic. But  my God! What a responsibility. That  RD Burman song is the baap of romantic duets. To recreate that kind of composition and to get the voice quality of KishoreKumarji is like climbing the peak  of  a Melody Everest. I am not much into re-mixes. But this one I had to do because  a filmmaker like Raju Hirani asked me and because well…it’s vintage R D Burman.”

Amaal is prompt to point out that he will be duly crediting R D  Burman for the song. “Not for one moment am I going to claim credit for Kya yehi pyar hai.I see  a lot of remixes these days where the guy doing a re-mix talks of the song as though  it is his original. That’s a  shame.”

Is Tanishk Bagchi listening?

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