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“I’d Love To See Samantha Continue Acting After Our Marriage,” Naga Chaitanya



I’d Love To  See Samantha Continue Acting After Our Marriage,” NagaChaitanya Opens Up On His Impending Marriage With Samantha Ruth

If I thought I’d be encountering a nervous young actor awaiting the release of his big film , I was wrong.Telugu superstar Nagarajuna’s elder born is Naga Chaitanya is surprisingly comfortable in his space.

“We’ve worked really hard on Premam. Though it’s a remake of a Malyalam film, we wanted to give it a fresh look feel and execution. For me the challenge was to play a guy in love who goes from age 14 to 30. I loved doing the physical and emotional transitions. Also, love and its fascinating facets are very close to my heart.Yeah , this is a film very close to home.”

He laughs shyly, as talk veers towards Chaitanya’s  relationship with actress Samanth Ruth.  Chaitanya is disarmingly candid about his feelings and plans with Samantha. “Yes, we’ve been in  a relationship for a while now.And we’re getting married. The marriage will happen in the later part of 2017 sometime in the final months next year.We haven’t fixed on wedding date. We’re getting engaged shortly.My younger brother Akhil is getting married first.”

There is no tradition of female actors in Nag’s illustrious family.Chaitanya doesn’t mind breaking that tradition. “I’d love for Samantha to continue acting after our marriage. She has worked hard achieve her stardom. Unlike me she had no family empire to back her career in Telugu cinema. She is a first-generation actor in her family.Her struggle and success are far more  admirable than mine.”

I disagree with Chaitanya and point out that Samantha came to the industry with zero expectations whereas a star-son  like Chaaitanya is weighed down by audiences’ unreasonable expectations.

The young actor who started his film career with Vasu Varma’s Josh , mulls over that one. “You may be right. But I’ve made many career mistakes in the 8 years that I’ve been acting. I did films that I never should  have. I was young inexperienced and a bit reckless. I think I’ve finally come into my own Premam.”

Chaitanya watched his new film and he was happy with what he saw. “We’ve achieved what we set out to make. Audiences like me in  soft romantic roles and Premam ticks all the boxes . Now everything depends on how the audience responds to my film in relation to the other films being released this week. It is the festive season and people are  in the  mood  to see films. But this doesn’t mean they will favour my film just because I am from a distinguished family. I am now going to be judged for what  I deliver, and not where I come from.”

The clear-headed youngster admits he takes his father’s advice. “I show him all my scripts. His approval in every aspect of my life is very important.Being his son has been a huge advantage for me. Of course after the initial advantage I am on my own.No one will go to see my  film now because of my father.”

Are the two brothers close? “Akhil and I more friends than brothers. Being younger, one would expect him to seek my advice. But it’s the other way around. Akhil gives me  advice.And I gladly take it. We are all looking forward to his wedding .It would be the first marriage in our family in a long long time.”

Chaitanya’s next is a home proction produced by his father Nagarajuna to be directed by Kalyan Krishna. “It would be slightly removed from the romantic roles that audiences expect from me. But not too much of an experimentation. I think I did experimental roles too early in my career.At the moment I need to consolidate myself at the boxoffice. I hope Premam achieves that for me.”

He is promoting Premam  to the best of his abilities. “But we really can’t match Mumbai in promotions, even if we tried.”


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