“If the BJP Decides To Field Another Candidate So Be It,”says Shatrughan Sinha

If you think the irrepressible Shatrughan Sinha is fazed by rumours of his parent-party the BJP fielding another candidate from his long-standing constituency, the Patna Sahib then you have another think coming.

Unperturbed by the reports of a final break with the BJP Shatrughan Sinha chuckles, “This is politics. Anything can happen. And if – and mind you, I have no confirmation on this from my party-the high command decided to not have me as their candidate then fine. Aur bhi hain gham zamane mein mohabbat ke siva (there is more to worry about in this world than just love).”

However, the unstoppable politician-parliamentarian-actor makes it clear that he will contest the elections from Patna Sahib. “This is where I belong and this is where my supporters and well-wishers want me to stand for elections. So it doesn’ t matter how I get there. But I will be standing up as a candidate from my usual constituency. As for anyone who wants to take me on, I am all for a free and fair fight. But I repeat I am and always will be a faithful and loyal soldier of the BJP”.

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So is there any truth to rumours of Shatrughan Sinha joining hands with Arvind Kejriwal? Shatrughan chuckles mysteriously. “Like I said anything can happen in politics.”

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