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If There Are Riots & Protests Are The Makers Of Ka Bodyscapes Willing To Take Responsibility?”

The chairperson of the censor board Pahlaj Nihalani  pooh-poohs all idea of rejecting certification to the Malayalam film Ka  Bodyscapesfor its gay content.

“We  at the censor board are not homophobic. We’ve passed films likeAligarh, Moonlight and Parched which had homosexual themes,” asserts Nihlani and adds. “No, the reason for rejecting certification to this film is its highly inflammatory references to Hindu religion and mythology. Our guidelines  clearly state that any derogatory reference to any religion is absolutely prohibited.So let’s not even go there.”

But Raj Kumar Hirani had a lot  of light-hearted religious banter inPeekay?

Nihalani won’t take responsibility on that. “I wasn’t the chairperson when Peekay was certified.  If it took digs at religion then it shouldn’t have been allowed.We can’t allow filmmakers to create a law and order situation in the name  of art.If there are riots and protests, are the makers of  Ka Bodyscapes willing to take responsibility?’


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