IFTDA Organizes ​Press Conference​ In Support Of Sanjay Bhansali

The Indian Film & TV Directors’ Association(IFTDA) have called for  a meeting of likeminded directors, technicians and representatives  of  the  film industry  tomorrow at 9 am  at  the Club Millennium  Juhu Mumbai.

Filmmaker Ashok Pandit who has  organized this press conference feels very strongly about the Padmavati  protests. “These hysterical protests  are  a symptom of  a very dangerous trend in our country  of politicizing  art.And we must stop this trend  before it kills  cinema and all other art. Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s cinema has  nothing to do with politics. Why then do do we have goons posing as  politicians baying for his blood? What  wrong has he  done? What harm has he  done? He has given us a series of masterpieces and classics. And this  is how we repay him?”

IFTDA Organizes ​Press Conference​ In Support Of Sanjay Bhansali 2

At the press conference on Monday morning Pandit and the IFTDA  hopes  for a gathering of concerned filmmakers and  technicians expressing solidarity towards Padmavati.

“Don’t make the mistake of thinking this is  only Bhansali’s problem. Yesterday it was Karan Johar who was being hounded by political  protests and he had to issue a clarification on video , just like Bhansali. Why are filmmakers being made to bend bow and scrape to these extra-contitutional  bullies? It must stop!” warns  Pandit.

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