“How Did Ileana’s Bare-Backed Love Scene Get Into Badshaho?”

The newly revamped Central Board Of  Film Certification(CBFC) seems to be keeling over in the effort to prove themselves to be liberated.

A  new controversy regarding the  wave of liberalism that has hit the  CBFC has now erupted with unnamed sections of  the film industry wondering how films like Badshaho and Bhoomi were given ‘UA’ certificates in spite of their graphic violent content.

In fact according to a source  in the know scenes that had been cut by Nihalani  as violating the guideline were added after his departure.

“In  Badshaho there is   a sequence where a barebacked Ileana d’Cruz playing a Maharani was seen making love in the open with her orderly played by Ajay Devgan.Nihlani had not only ordered this scene  cut he had also instructed the producers to cover up Ileana’s back on the posters. After his departure the barebacked love-making scene was back inBadshaho,” says the source.

This is  not the only instance of the censor board jumping to the other side of fence to prove their new liberal attitude.

Omung Kumar’s Bhoomi which  was certified as  fit  for viewing by an adult audience for its sexually loaded content and graphic rape images, was given a ‘UA’ only in India.

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