“I’ll Be Trying A Different Look In The Tri-lingual”, Prabhu Deva


The very talented and versatile Prabhudheva won’t be dancing with his co-star Tamnnaah Bhatia in the Hindi-Telugu-Tamil tri-lingual Abhinetri being produced by Prabhudheva along with Popcorn Entertainment.

More importantly the dancing star is undergoing  a complete looks-makeover for this role. The trademark curly locks will be replaced by straightened hair. The casual look will make way for a more dapper, formal appearance.

Prabhu  has taken time off from direction to produce and act in Abhinetri.

Says Prabhu, “I did act in Remo  D’Souza’s ABCD 2 last year. But it’s been a while since I faced the camera in Tamil or Telugu. I’ve been busy directing films. But now I took three months off to act in this film.”

He says he had no choice. “I wanted a hero who didn’t charge money. I was the only one willing to do this film for free, since I am the co-producer.”

Prabhu says he was enthused to face the camera for this 3-language film for its uniqueness. “For the first time the director is attempting the horror-comedy genre in Hindi cinema. We haven’t really done a horror-comedy in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.”

Prabhu has a different team working with him on each of the 3 versions. “We  shot the three separate languages as three separate films. Though Tammanaah, Sonu Sood and I feature in all three versions, the supporting cast of actors playing our friends and relatives is different in Tamil Telugu and Hindi.Each of three films is culture-specific, so no one watching the film in Hindi will say, ‘Yeh dubbed film lagta hai’  because it is not.”

The dancer-choreographer actor says he enjoys acting. “It frees me from the responsibilities that come with direction and choreography . After every shot I can breathe easy and relax.”

In fact for the first time Prabhu is attempting a new look on screen. “I’ve a new hair cut, and a new wardrobe. I can’t recognize myself!”

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