“I’m Disappointing Myself, “ Kapil Sharma Goes Missing On His Birthday


On 2 April when  India’s most famous laughter provider Kapil Sharma turned a  year older, he was nowhere to be found by his friends well-wishers and fans.

Kapil Sharma had gone completely underground for his birthday.

Indeed  it was a quiet secluded  birthday  for Kapil with only his mother and faithful girlfriend Ginny for the company.”

Says a friend, “He switched off his phones and he has even made his girlfriend Ginny switch off her phone, so no one can reach him. Kapil’s mother is in  Mumbai from their hometown Amritsar. But apart from her, Kapil  did not meet anyone on his birthday.”

To my repeated queries on his very special day here is what Kapil had to say: “There is nothing special about this day. I will consider my life special again when I can solve all the problems that are troubling me. I know I’ve created these problems for myself. I want my well-wishers and fans to pray for me. I know I’m disappointing them. I can feel it. I am disappointing myself.”

Kapil birthday wishes, “We should all be more honest with ourselves and  not take anything in life for granted.”

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