Mahabharat Over Mahabharat!

There are at least two iconic figures  of Indian cinema planning to bring movie versions of the great Hindu epic the Mahabharat to  the silver screen.

While Aamir Khan is already planning to go on the floors next year and make at least 5 films based on  various episodes  from the Mahabharat,  S S Rajamouli the  helmer  of  India’s most expensive and  successful franchise Baahubali ,is toying with various ideas  on the Mahabharat  and how to take it forward.

 Says Rajamouli, “I don’t think I will be getting into the Mahabharat for  a while, not right away anyway. It requires a whole lot of planning . I need to know which parts  of the Mahabharat I want to film.It’s  not something I can get into right away.If Aamir Khan is  doing it I  am sure a  great deal of planning must have  gone into it. I am sure he will do full justice to it.”

Rajamouli feels  the Mahabharat would be a game-changer in Hindi.  “In Telugu cinema there have been  some very successful big-screen  adaptations  of the Mahabharat. In Hindi, I am not aware  of any significant adaptation  of  this Epic.”

Rajamouli therefore feels  Aamir’s decision to do Mahabharat is correct.

“The conflicts  in the Mahabharat are more relevant today than ever before.It is  the ultimate  epic challenge for any filmmaker.I am looking forward  to it,” says Rajamouli.

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