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In Spite Of Injury Kangana To Return To Shooting From Saturday



Whatever the opinion on Kangana Ranaut’s headstrong conduct on the sets and during media interactions, there  are no two ways about her tenacity as an actor.

The  injury caused to her person on Tuesday has not deterred her from resuming her shooting just two days after the accident.

Says a well-informed source, “No one  knows how it happened.It was a sword fight scene with newcomer Nihar Pandya who plays Bajirao, the Second. They had been rehearsing the fight for two days. But when the final take  happened Kangana didn’t duck in time and the sword hit her  between the eyes. It was  a  gash.She was bleeding profusely.She was rushed to the hospital for multiple stitches.”

Kangana would later have to undergo cosmetic surgery to remove  the scar caused by the stitches.

“But that would be later. For now she is just eager to get back to shooting. She won’t be shooting on Friday. But she returns to the seton Saturday,” says the source.

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