Indian 2 To Have References To Nirav Modi!

It’s Party Time , But Is Kamal Haasan Really Quitting Film? (Not Really)

It’s ‘party’ time for  Kamal Haasan, yet another actor to swear he will clean the body-politic with the broom of his  idealism.

Lofty aspiration to change the country’s political system and free it of corruption notwithstanding, it is very unlikely , in fact impossible, that Kamal Haasan would quit films, as he threatens to do. There is no reason for him to give up the very medium that has given him the platform to stand up there with such tall political convictions.

Far from forsaking films Kamal Haasan is actually going  to use his cinema to propagate his political ideology.In the forthcoming sequel  to Shankar’s 1996 hit Indian, the  Nirav Modi scam will be written in.

Indian was about eradicating corruption. 22 years later the  subject has become even more topical. The Nirav Modi scam will definitely feature in Indian 2. There will be an attempt to  incorporate  Kamal Haasan’s political ideology in all his future films. He is definitely not giving up films. It would be like cutting the branch on which he  sits.”

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