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Indian Celebrities Under Siege At Global Platforms



 This  is  not an easy time for  Indian celebrities at  international forums  where  questions on the Indian government’s recent  moves in  Kashmir and  other sensitive political  issues are raised unannounced by aggressive voices in the audience.

 Our glamorous global  ambassador Priyanka  Chopra found herself at  one  such sticky  situation in Los Angeles last week  when a Pakistani woman from the audience shouted and accused  Priyanka  for encouraging nucleur attacks on Pakistan.

“You are United Nations Goodwill ambassador for peace and you are encouraging nuclear war in Pakistan. There is no way you are in this …As a Pakistani, millions of people, like ,me, have supported you in your business,” the attacker yelled.

Priyanka  negotiated the  verbal missiles with great grace. But others are not so fortunate, Celebrities   from the Indian entertainment industry  increasingly  find themselves faced  with strong political questions from  hostile elements  .

A  young popular actress says the situation is dicey. “Pataa nahin kaun kahan pe kya puchega. This is specially dangerous  at international events where the audience consists of  foreigners  from all over the world. I am sometimes asked about issues related to Indian politics that I have  no clue about.”

Anupam  Kher who is  a globally  known  and respected actor says it’s time for Indian entertainers to shed their  bubble existence. “You can’t  be up on a stage  at an  international  event and not  be prepared to answer uncomfortable  questions. At  the same  time you have to give politically correct answers or you will get  into trouble when you  return home. I  do my homework before I  go abroad. I don’t want to be  caught on  the wrong foot.”

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