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Indoo Ki Jawani, Hamari Pareshani?



  There is  some good  news and bad news.  First  the  good news.Indoo Ki Jawani  featuring, giggle  giggle,  Kiara Advani in  the title  role is a comedy. Now for the  bad news.The comedy is  not funny. At all!  In  the trailer   that  was outed   on Monday, not a single moment  induced  a shred  of hilarity .

God know  we need laughter  at a time like this.   But honestly, I can’t force  myself  to  feel tickled  by the dating  anxieties  of   Indoo, who I  presume  is a  Hindoo.  Her  co-star played by the affable Aditya Seal, is definitely  not. He  is  from Pakistan and a  suspected  terrorist. Why does Indoo  the Hindoo  think Samar the  newcomer, to  be  a terrorist? Because  his favourite film is Kashmir Ki  Kali.

Kashmir, get it? This is as  funny as  the trailer gets. I sincerely hope the best  jokes are being saved  up for the  big screen. Because  what we see here is really  stretching  the lower limits  of  comedy.

By the way , why are smalltown heroines almost invariably shown  to   be  men-crazy  and obsessed  with getting hitched? All in  good time!  Why don’t they relax. As for Indoo’s jawaani , where is it running away to? Would someone please tell her there is more to life than moaning and groaning  over guys she  meets on ‘Dinder’….yes, that’s how Indoo’s bossy best friend played by the  typecast  Mallika  Dua pronounces  it.

Anyway,what’s for  Dinder?   Tandoori turkey? Hopefully not.

“Madame, I  am not a terrorist.Mujhe koi attack-wattack nahin karna,” pleads Aditya Seal. Terrorism as  a  joke. That’s all we need. Maybe the sequel to Indoo Ki Jawaani would  be about Indoo’s next date  who may be  a suspected Covid 19.

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