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Indra Kumar Mauls Rajesh Roshan’s Mungda, Roshan , Mangeshkar Protest



Classics and non-classics continue to be  vandalized  by  the creatively bankrupt entertainment industry. Old songs are  ripped off from their original habitat and transplanted  into  a strange  never-nevel land.

The newest hit  to be hit by a tornado of lazy trashing is  Rajesh Roshan’s Mungda, a blockbuster  composition from  the 1977  suspense thriller  Inkaar originally  sung by  the youngest  of Mangeshkar siblings  Usha Mangeshkar  and filmed on  the inimitable  Helen.

 The song has now been  “recreated”(euphemism  for  vandalism)   for Indra Kumar’s Total Dhamaal.

And  the  original composer  is not amused.

Says Rajesh Roshan, “I think  there is less  of inspiration and  more  of perspiration   in  the  music  industry.  The filmmakers  have lost confidence in creating new  songs.”

Recalling the  tremendous  impact  of  the Mungda song Rajesh Roshan says,  “I gave  UshaMangeshkarji the song to sing.She sang several songs for  me.She  is one of those  competent singers who can breathe life into  a tune.”

Usha Mangeshkar who is  the least limelight-friendly member  of  the  illustrious Mangeshkar  family says she  is  opposed  to  remixes in principle. “Our songs(the songs  sung by the Mangeskar sisters Lata, Asha  and  Usha) were  created after  a  great deal of thought and they were done with sensitivity and care.  To rip them  off  in this  arbitrary  manner is not correct.”

Adds  Lataji, “We are  not asked if we approve or not. No one seeks  our consent before  using our songs. Kya yeh sahi hai(is this  proper?)”.

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