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Indu Sarkar Gets Passed  by Nihalani ‘UA’ With Cuts



After all the hue and cry that Bhandarkar created over the Censor Board Of Film Certification (CBFC)’s  high handeness in dealing with the certification of his new film Indu Sarkar, and after taking the film to the Tribunal, Bhandarkar took his film right back to the CBFC.

Apparently the Tribunal was not willing to clear the film immediately. With his release date around the corner Bhandarkar had no choice but to take the film right back to the CBFC where it was cleared with substantial cuts on Monday afternoon.

Among the cuts that the CBFC ordered is a lengthy scene of police torture featuring Kriti Kulhari. It has been reduced by 50 percent. A couple of scenes featuring the Indira Gandhi lookalike(simply referred to as ‘Madame’) have also been removed. The censor board has also cast doubts on the line, [beautifulquote align=”full” cite=””]‘Naya  Naya Mussalman Do Baar Namaaz Padhta Hai’[/beautifulquote]

Bhandarkar claimed that was a well-known adage. The CBFC has asked Bhandarkar to prove the existence of that adage

Most  shocking of all, the CBFC has asked Bhandarkar for a  lengthy elaborate disclaimer at the start of the film claiming all the characters and events in the film are fictitious.

And since Bhandarkar has agreed to place the disclaimer we can safely deduce that the Emergency was a fictional event and that the characters resembling Indira Gandhi and Sanjay Gandhi in Bhandarkar’s film are only trying to fool us.

And  if Bhandarkar  thinks he can go back with  his censor certificate and do his own thing here is the clincher from the CBFC: they have asked for an undertaking from the Bhandarkar assuring that the film shown to the CBFC would be the film released in theatres.

No more no less.

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