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Introducing Caterina Murino: The Bond Girl In India



The very beautiful Italian actress Caterina Murino is best remembered in these parts for her stunning presence as Solange Dimitrios in  the 2006 James Bond film Casino Royale.

 But there is much more to this Italian beauty than meets the eye.She has done over 50 television shows and films in English, French and Italian .And now she’s all set to make her Bollywood  debut opposite Rajeev Khandelwal in Fever.

The conversation with this radiant beauty is filled with laughter and sunshine.

 Caterina starts, “Where do I begin my journey?I am naturally curious about life and all its experiences. I want to experience everything.I’ve travelled so far and so long that sometimes I forget where I am.Although in these parts I am known as the ‘Bond girl’ , I’ve done innumerable films and television shows in different languages. Now I am trying Bollywood  for the first time .And it’s exciting.”

Curious to know why an internationally exposed actress would select a relatively small Bollywood  thriller I ask her what brings her here.

 “As I said , curiosity takes me to the remotest places. When Rajeev Jhaveri .the director of Fever met me in Monte Carlo, it didn’t take me long to say yes to his film . The script was absolutely gripping. I felt the film would turn out really well. And I was right.I saw the film the other day. I found it to have everything that I had read in the script. This is not an ordinary film.And Rajeev Khandelwal is not an ordinary actor,” Caterina enthuses.

She confesses she is not a big Bollywood  fan. “I’ve to admit where I come from I had not had the chance to see many Bollywood  films. But once a friend of mine showed me Jodhaa Akbar.And  I was blown away by the exquisite beauty of the presentation.My Bollywood  debut is different from the usual song-and-dance films. But I am very happy people here will see me in this film. I’ve a very strong role. I’ve done theatre along with cinema.And I like doing characters that audiences can relate to.”

Caterina is in India to promote the film and, in her own words, to help a cause far bigger than cinema or her own career. “I believe if one has the name and voice to help the needy and the poor one must do it. Much as I love movies and acting, my most enduring passion in life is supporting charitable causes.It is my dream to make this a  better world.”
Caterina visited Asia’s biggest slum Dharavi in Mumbai on Thursday .She was profoundly moved. “I am associated in India with SNEHA, a Mumbai based NGO.And they took me there. I want to do all I can to help. And if my association with Bollywood  is the way to put across the message of hope for my cause then so be it. In Africa I’ve been associated with the biggest of NGOs. But cinema is not a powerful medium to convey messages in Africa. Cinema is far more influential in your country.”
She intends to feature in a short film to promote her charitable causes. “My entire existence as an actor is reliant on my ability to use that position to help the needy.So you’ll see me soon in theatres talking about my favourite NGO.””
At the moment Ms Murino is enjoying her stay in India. “I’ve visited NOIDA(UP), Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore and Pune. And now I am going back to Paris in a few days. It’s been a hectic and fulfiling trip. I spent most of my conversational time with journalists, though.”

So who is that special someone in her life?  “No one! I am single!! Why else do you think I am able to travel so  much on my own? I am in India for a couple of more days. If there’s any eligible Indian man who wants to date me please let me know.”

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