Irrfan Gets Rave Reviews For His Latest Hollywood Release(And He’s Pleased)

aWhile the  inimitable Irrfan Khan  is recuperating in London  from  a serious ailment , his latest  Hollywood release  entitledPuzzle has opened to rave reviews.

The  intense and tender drama  about a relationship that grows between a bored American housewife Agnes(Kelly MacDonald)  and  her partner in a  jigsaw-puzzle tournament is directed  by Marc Turtletaub.

Irrfan  has received glowing reviews  for his performance.

Roger ,writes, “He(the male protagonist Robert) is  played by the great Irrfan Khan, who immediately changes the tone and energy of “Puzzle” simply through his charismatic presence. A wealthy inventor living alone in an ornate Manhattan brownstone, Robert has a playful, low-key sense of humor, which he uses to draw Agnes out of her shell. Macdonald and Khan have an enjoyably prickly chemistry with each other off the top, which steadily evolves into a bond that’s unexpectedly deeper

The  New York Times: “Agnes is introduced to the world of competitive puzzling by Robert (the marvelous Irrfan Khan), a wealthy Indian inventor, his rumpled cosmopolitan glamour and dark-eyed wisdom seem the stuff of fairy tales.

Irrfan  couldn’t be  more  pleased .He says, “I always wanted to do a Hollywood  love story .So I am glad it happened with  Puzzle.”

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