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Irrfan Hollywood, Irrfan Bollywood ..Preferential Treatment Back Home



Coincidentally the first look of two of Irrfan Khan’s films, one from  Bollywood the other Hollywood, appeared on the same day this week.

The first trailer of Ron Howard’s Inferno shows just one shot of Irrfan Khan in the entire minute-long trailer ,prompting us to wonder if this time again Irrfan has been short-changed by Hollywood in terms of  footage.

Irrfan’s fans would recall there was hardly much of him in The Amazing Spiderman .

One hopes Inferno has more of Irrfan. From the trailer it looks like Tom Hanks takescentrestage al the way , with scarcely any room for any other actor.

Ironically the poster of Madaari has only Irrfan Khan on it.

A prominent filmmaker who worked with the actor early in Irrfan’s career feels Hollywood can never accord Irrfan the respect he gets at home. “At  the most Inferno, or for that matter any Hollywood film, would offer Irrfan a strong supporting part, never the lead.Bollywood has much more generous space for Irrfan.”

In Madaari Irrfan is the only known face besides Jimmy Sheirgil. The film will build on Irrfan’s heroic image that has somehow eluded him so far.

Says a source in the know, “Irrfan plays the archetypal revenge-seeking macho man of the Hindi film in Madaari with lots of free-style action. This is his opportunity to slot himself as an action hero, a la Nishikant Kamat’s other favourite John Abraham.”

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