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Irrfan Khan’s Tokyo Trial Is Another International Triumph For The Actor

Tokyo Trial,a 4-part series for Netflix features Irrfan Khan in  a very unusual role.

Tokyo Trial recreating the events and  courtroom procedures during the Tokyo War Crimes Trial in 1946 when World War 2  criminals were put on trial.

Irrfan plays one of the 11 judges at the trial. Shedding light on his roleIrrfan says, “It’s a character that I knew nothing about. It’s a real-life role of an Indian judge  who presided at the Tokyo War Crimes Trial. This judge did not believe that putting individuals on trials for war crimes was a solution to eradicating war crimes. He wanted to go to the root of the crimes.”

Irrfan was deeply fascinated by the part. “I  read up a lot on him. He is a real-life character. But I haven’t modelled my performance on the real guy.When Van Kilmer played Jim Morrison in The Doors he played the real man exactly the way he was. But Ben Kingsley playedGandhiji in his own way. Even my Paan Singh Tomar was not a replica of the real man.”


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