Irrfan Says He Is No Hurry To Return Home

Irrfan Khan, the trailer of whose new film Karwaan created a sensation on release this week, is in no hurry to return home.

Diagnosed with a rare cancer earlier this year, Irrfan is currently in London for prolonged treatment.

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The good news is that Irrfan is recovering slowly and steadily. However for those of us hoping to see him back before the end of the year, the news is disheartening.The actor, last seen in the dark comedy Blackmail, has no immediate plans for returning home.

When I asked Irrfan when we can expect him back he replied, “I’ve no idea when I’m back .I am not in a hurry to know how it’s going to unfold .”

While the actor stays away his films have a tough time selling themselves to the audience. Irrfan’s last release Blackmail had no known face to market the film in Irrfan’s absence. His next release Karwaan would have to rely on the Malayalam actor Dulquer Salman who is a newcomer in Bollywood.

The film’s team is expected to hold a meeting next week to decide the further course of action regarding the promotion.

Director Akarsh Khurana admits it’s a problem. “It’s a challenge for sure, to promote the film without Irrfan.But we’re trying to figure out our best options.”

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