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Irrfan Steps Into Big B’s Shoes in Ajay Virmani-Salman Khan’s Co-Production​

It’s a formidable place to be in. But Irrfan Khan whose rise  has been  steady and rapid, is all set to step into a role earmarked for Amitabh Bachchan.

In a new  Indo-Canadian project The  Lions  Of  The Sea, Irrfan will play the legendary immigrant Sikh Gurdit Singh who in 1914 campaigned for the entry of  376 Punjabi passengers  who had travelled  on a ship called the Kamagata Maru into Canada but were denied access into their adopted country.

This is not first time that that Irrfan plays a turbaned  Sardarji. In  director Anoop Singh’s Qissa Irrfan gave a stellar performance. That  film too needed ample preparation.

This time  Irrfan would have to undertake rigorous research to prepare for  his part.

Says the film’s co-producer Ajay Virmani, “This is a very important film for the Sikh community and for Indians who have struggled to make  a place for themselves on foreign shores.We brought Irrfan on board because we needed a brilliant Indian actor with an international stature. Irrfan is known globally . He would be able to carry our film’s message to the farthest shores. We chose  Guru Nayak Jayanti to announce the project.”

Interestingly Akshay Kumar was another actor who was keenly interested in playing Gurdit Singh.



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