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Is It Over Between The Golden Couple?

They’ve been seen in two epic romances, and will be seen in yet another historical saga shortly. While enacting the  star-crossed protagonists in  these passionate dramas the two beautiful volatile creatures—lets call them Mr R  and Ms D—fell in the deep recesses of a love relationship. 

The mercurial Mr R  is so devoted  to  the bewitching Ms D that he has stood by her even as she took him for granted on many occasions, trotting the globe as he, the besotted and devoted suitor waited back home.

But now it appears things are no longer hunky dory between the Golden Couple. Trouble began while Ms D was shooting for an international film where everyone could see her growing closeness to her beefy co-star, the Hollywood superstar.

Ms D’s devoted boyfriend saw it too. For the first time  he questioned her about her friendship with a male co-star. This is not the first time  Ms D was known to be extra-chummy with her male co-star. Her bummy-chummy rapport with a certain Kapoor superstar was never taken amiss. But this proximity to the Hollywood superstar was different.

Apparently it has caused a serious rift between the Golden Couple. At the moment the status of their relationshipis…uncertain and frozen.

Let’s  hope they are able to iron out their differences and get back together.



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