Is Karan Johar Scared Of The Avengers?

Whether  it was Shah Rukh Khan in Ra.One , Tiger Shroff in The Flying Jatt or even Hrithik Roshan in Krissh. The Indian super-hero film  compares disastrously  with its  American counterpart.

As  Rakesh Roshan  explained to me while  justifying the relatively low-blow rendition of super heroism, “We can’t afford to make films comparable with the Hollywood super-hero films. We’ve neither their  budget nor their infrastructure.”

Fair  enough. This is the Third World. And our movies reflect an under-nourished spectacle.Our movies  are  not  off the mark when they seem to be  Uncle Sam’s poor country-cousin. Hrithik’s mask in Krissh seemed to be borrowed from Armie Hammer’s Lone Ranger.And when he flew he looked  like  a bird with severe diarrhea.

Would Karan Johar  finally rectify the tacky element  in the Indian super-hero film with his own take on the super-hero genre in Bramhastra?

While no expenses are  being spared to ensure  a heightened propriety  in  the presentation we have very little reason to hope that thisKaran  Johar film will break the tacky spell on the desi super-hero genre. For one,  Ranbir Kapoor looks anything but super-heroic. He has  a personality that lends  itself credibly to the common man’s  workaday strife.

If the truth be told,larger-than-life heroism would suit no Bollywood actor except maybe Salman  Khan who was  also cheesy as super-hero in Kick.

 What to do???!!!

Secondly the director of  Bramhastra  is Ayan Mukerjee who has made wimpy films about nerdy heroes in Wake  Up Sid and Yeh  JawaniHai Deewani.What  is  his qualification  to make  a super-hero film, and that  too with his best-friend in the lead? This  project threatens to lapse into idol worship even  before release.

Statutory advice: do  not   direct a film where the leading man is your  bestie.

Lastly  Ranbir won’t even be seen in a  super-hero suit. A super-hero film with no  costume  for  the super-hero is  like a temple with no idol. You need  to fix  the heroics to  a suit.


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