20th October 2020

Is Neha Kakkar Really Getting Married?(Close Friend Says No)

Is  singer  Neha Kakkar  really getting married  to  Rohanpreet  Singh  ?According to reports  in a section of  the  press  Ms Kakkar is all set to tie the knot with Singh  at  a  Gurdwara in Punjab on  October  26. There is even a wedding card  doing the  rounds.

However a  close friend  of the singer is  very confused. “Is she really getting married? I haven’t received  the so-called wedding  invitation.It’s  all very strange because she met this guy for the  first time when they shot a  video together a few weeks  ago. Is it possible for someone to  meet and marry  in  a month ? Neha is  no giddyheaded  teenager.”

Significantly  neither  Neha Kakkar nor her alleged  groom-to-be has made any  statement  about the supposed wedding.

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All I can say is,  I do hope it’s  actually happening. Otherwise  why have the  two  parties  in  the supposed  wedding alliance slowed rumours and unconfirmed reports  to go this far?

Incidentally  singer Aditya Narayan is quoted  as confirming the  wedding. But  when I  ask him he denies any knowledge of the wedding. 

“I’ve received no wedding invitation for Neha’s wedding . So where is the question of my attending?” wonders Aditya.

Strange,  to say the  least.


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