Is Priyanka Chopra Collaborating With Nick Jonas On An Album?

If all goes well we will soon be hearing and  not just seeing Priyanka  Chopra and her American husband Nick Jonas together.

Sources  in the know  reveal that Priyanka will soon go back  to her first love… singing.

 It must be recalled  that Priyanka father  was a  very  enthusiastic  singer who kept his family and friends forever entertained with his singing. Priyanka has inherited  her  singing genes  from  her father. But has  not been able to do much with her vocal chords.

Her  attempt to break into American charts with the single Exotic was fairly pathetic.

Now one hears Priyanka will break into the American singing   scene bigtime  with the  help of her influential husband  Nick Jonas  who  is  a  name to reckon with in the American singing business.

Says  a source in  the know, “Priyanka and  Nick are definitely planning something big in the American music scene together.”

We are  holding our breath.

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