Is Priyanka Chopra Really Dating Nick Jonas?

They’ve been seen together on more than one occasion.And their supposed newly-kindled love affair has taken the internet by storm.

But are Priyanka Chopra and singer-actor Nick Jonas really dating?Or it just a temporary physical attraction?

A close friend of the actress says it isn’t a serious relationship.

“Priyanka is a very friendly girl ,and I’d even go as far as to say there’s a mutual attraction, though I doubt it is anything more than a warm friendship .We all know the love of Priyanka’s life is in Mumbai.She keeps throwing these red herrings about global attractions when her heart is clearly in Mumbai,” says the friend.

With Priyanka’s American television assignment Quantico coming to an end it is unlikely that she will be spending much time in the USA any more. In fact she is in the process of signing multiple films in Bollywood which would keep her busy in India.

The Nick Jonas friendship is likely to last as long as Priyanka’s work permits her to be in America.

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