Is Ranveer Singh Paying For Ranbir Kapoor’s Mistakes?

Is Deepika Padukone desisting from committing herself fully to her devoted boyfriend Ranveer Kapoor because of what happened to her with Ranbir Kapoor?

As everyone who even remotely knew them as a  couple knows, Deepika was absolutely and unconditionally devoted to Ranbir.

Says  a close friend, “She was looking at  a life ahead with Ranbir . She wanted marriage, babies, the works. He seemed to be  all for  it. She  was ready to give  up her career to be Mrs Ranbir Kapoor. Then he got bored and distracted. He moved on to Katrina Kaif. He got bored and distracted in that relationship  too. But that’s a different story.”

Deepika  who was so sure of her future with Ranbir that she had Ranbir’s name tattooed  on her neck, was shattered after the  breakup. To her credit she  picked up the broken pieces  of her heart and rebuilt her  life.

However  the experience seems to have  made Deepika cautious  about her heart.

 A filmmaker-friend  of the actress who has worked closely with  her says, “Though Ranveer Singh  is completely committed in the relationship and wholeheartedly devoted to  her, Deepika is now commitment-phobic. She fears her heart may be broken  again.And this time she won’t be able to take  it.”

Ranveer  , on the other hands waits impatiently with the ring waiting for his ladylove to say yes.And that she will says yes, as soon as she gets over her fear of commitment.

The  question is, when?

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