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Is Shah Rukh Khan Being Offered A Fortune To Talk?



Shah Rukh Khan

So far  so  chup. Outraged   father Shah Rukh Khan has so far kept  completely quiet   on the  subject  of Aryan Khan’s  confinement.

And so it shall remain.

Sources  close to SRK  say  there is  no  likelihood  of Shah Rukh Khan giving any  press interviews on any medium  about the topic.

Shah Rukh Khan has received several lucrative  offers to talk on what happened to his  son. Some of these  offers have come  from the international media and  they are willing to pay a  small fortune  for an exclusive  on the  topic. But this time, Shah Rukh has nothing to say. Or rather , he  won’t say  anything although he  has plenty to say.”

Apparently close friends have  advised  him to speak up.

“But Shah Rukh Khan has his own plan  about how to get justice  for wrongs  done to his son.And it is far more complex  than just giving press interviews  on the subject,” a friend  of  Shah  Rukh’s   informs me.

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