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Is Shah Rukh Khan Really Doing Don 3?



So okay. We  all  know Shah Rukh Khan has opted out of  the astronaut Rakesh Sharma’s bio-pic produced  by Siddharth  Roy Kapur, because  he didn’t want to do another space  film after Zero.

So far so  convincing.  But it was the second part  of that  announcement, stating that  instead of  the Rakesh Sharma  bio-picSRK would be doing the  third  part  of  the  Don franchise,  that turns out to be an intriguing  bit  of fabrication.

Sources close to the Don series say this is just not true.

“There is  no Don 3. Not yet.  Director Farhan  Akhtar has no script for a third instalment. Shah Rukh and Farhan have been struggling for three years to come up with a tenable idea  of Don 3. They’re yet to crack the  plot,” says the source who wonders where  these  bogus reports on Don 3  came  from.

“It made sense for SRK’s  team  to announce his exit from the  Rakesh Sharma  bio-pic.  But what was  the point  of  mentioning  a substitute  project that  doesn’t exist? Farhan has no plans  of  starting Don 3  in the near future.Right now he  only wants to  concentrate  on his  acting career. He is starting his new sports film  Toofan directed  by Rakeysh  OmprakashMehra which will keep him busy for the next one year.Directing Don 3  or any other  film is not on his mind at  all,’ says  the source.

If you are  wondering why Farhan Akhtar is silent over this misinformation  the answer is very simple. The guy  just don’t want to contradict  any positive media  report on  Shah Rukh Khan.

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