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Is  The  Dhanush-Kajol Starrer VIP 2 A Remake Of Raj Kanwar’s Laadla?



The arrogant ruthless ballsy female entrepreneurial tycoon and  her gutsy male employee who takes her on…That’s the basic blueprint of VIP 2, the Tamil film featuring Dhanush and Kajol directed by Sondarya Rajinkanth, now being force-streamed into Hindi to cash in on Kajol’s presence in the cast.

While we can endlessly debate the pros and cons of  such forced translocation  we can safely say VIP 2 looks not the least inviting or novel and certainly not worthy of either Kajol of Dhanush’s formidable and reputation.

The  basic plot seems to have been borrowed from the 1994 Sridevi-Anil Kapoor starrer Laadla, a remake of a superhit Kannada, Tamil , Telugu film  remarkable for casting  the leading lady as an unscrupulous businesswoman.

Would the same  concept work in 2017 when ambition in  a woman in no longer seen as something sinful, specially in a dubbed Hindi avatar which sounds awfully artificial and stilted in the trailer.

But apparently the director and leading man seem  to think the presence of Kajol in the project ensures them a pan-India audience.

If you’ve seen how embarrassingly obsequious filmmaker SoundaryaRajinikanth and Dhanush are to Kajol at the promotional events of VIP 2 you must be wondering, not for the first time, why South Indian heavyweights  have to act so grateful  when a Bollywoodactress agrees to be a part of a Tamil or Telugu film.

It’s almost as the Bollywood actress is doing the South Indian film industry a favour.

Please,guys, act less star-stuck. You are THE Rajinikanth’s daughter and son-in-law.


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