Is The Manikarnika Producer Really Hospitalized?

Perhaps it is the  stress  of being seen as  the face   and creative helmer  of  one of  the most expensive  films every produced  in  India. But Kangana Ranaut is in denial.

Apparently she  doesn’t believe that her Manikarnika  producer Kamal Jain is hospitalized.At a special screening of   the film on Sunday when an  actor  from the film asked about  his health she testily replied he  was doing ok and  that an unnecessary hullabaloo  is being created  about the producer’s health when  it is only a “lung infection”

 Kangana’s dismissive  attitude to  Kamal Jain’s supposedly “critical condition” is shared  aby another actor from the film  who wonders, “Why were  Kamal Jain’s wife and daughter  at the special screening if he was really in  the  hospital? Could  this be publicity for  the  film?  Just as a few days ago  the Manikarnika  team tried to drag the Karni Sena  into the picture. The Karni chief had  to stoutly deny any interest  in Manikarnika.”

In fact an opinion going around in the   film industry is that Kamal Jain is  not  even  partially as ill as it’s being made  out to be.

“He has certainly  not  suffered a  paralytic stroke. This false news  was spread so Jain could escape from being part  of the  film’s final promotion  before release. Jain knows the fate that lies in store for Manikarnika,” says an informed source.

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