Is Varun Dhawan Planning To Tie The Knot At The End Of This Year?


It looks like the intense romantic mood of his new release October has hit Varun Dhawan hard. One hears from sources close to the star that he plans finally make his relationship with long-term girlfriend Natasha Dalal official by the end of this year.

 “I think Varun has become  more conscious  of the commitment-level required  in a love relationship  after  working in  ShoojitSircar’s October. Shooting for the  film has opened up doors within Varun’s subsconsciousness that he had  never opened before.Varun is  ready  to acknowledge  his relationship and take  it to the next level,” says a friend  of the  young actor.

So far Varun has shied away from any public acknowledgment  of his relationship.When I asked about it he  even  quipped that the guy seen with Ms Dalal  is  his twin brother.

A  twin,we may add, that Varun’s father David Dhawan  is  not aware  of.

Varun’s parents are all for  their son’s marriage whenever he plans to settle down.  But the couple won’t  stay with  Varun’s parents after marriage.

Varun has bought his own place last year. Natasha  has been  doing it up at her own pace.

“They  are in no hurry to make  it  official. But Varun feels the  need  to acknowledge his  relationship,” says  the  friend.

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