Ishaan Khattar: “I’m More Nervous This Time Than I Was The First.”


Theimmensely talentedIshaanKhattaradmits to being disappointedbythe tepidresponse to his debut film. But he is now looking hopefully into thefuture.

Snatchingtime off fromtheintensepromotionofDhadaktheHindi remake of the historic Marathi hitSairat, Ishaansays, I am not very adept yet at analyzingbox officefigures. But yes, the performance ofmy firstfilmA Walk InThe Cloudswasdisappointing. We could find any number of reasonsforwhy the film didnt work.The best advice thatI got after the filmslow keyperformance wasto move. She felt I had given my best toA Walk In The Cloudsand it was time to let go.To me that film will always remain special.

NowIshaanmust brace himselffor comparisons withSairat.I am aware that remakes are judged harshly. But we havent madeDhadakto be one up onSairat. We went intothe remakeout of our collective loveand respect forthe original.Sairatisa film that created history. We canteven hope torepeat what it has done.

IshaanadmitsDhadakhas moved far away from the original.Our directorShashankKhaitanhas relocatedthefilm toRajasthanand that has made all the differencein the world.Sairathad a very strong message on things that are happening aroundus.And we have been respectful to that message.

Ishaanadmits to having seenSairattwice. Once as a memberofthe audience, then as an actor. I was fascinatedby all the stories that surrounded themaking ofSairat, about how the lead pairAkashThosarandRinkuRajguruactually stayedinthedirectorNagrajManjules house for months.

Ishaansays he shared some such bondinghappeedwith hisDhadakdirectortoo. BothJanhviandIhave grown very closetoour directorShashankKhaitan.In fact when hewent for two recces toRajasthanI accompanied him. We are all very protective about one another.

The young actor who speaks with the confidence ofa seasoned trouper,has onerequest for the audience. Please dont judgeour film against theoriginal. We havent madeDhadaktoprove we can do it better.I agree there has been criticism about the way weve done theZingatsong fromSairat.But there has also been alotoflove from people who arenot waiting to judgeusunfavourablyin comparison withSairat

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