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Ishaan Khattar Is Heartbreakingly Protective Of Janhvi



As the promotional events for Dhadak gather momentum and the crowds gawking at the virgin pair gets more dense excitable and aggressive, one clear picture that emerges from the din and the chaos is that of a very protective leading man making sure his vulnerable leading lady is unharmed.

Yes, Ishaan Khattar’s devotion to keeping his co-star Janhvi Kapoor out of harm’s way is indeed very touching.

At a recent event at a mall in Mumbai when the crowds swelled and surged and insinuated themselves into postures for selfies with Janhvi, Ishaan jumped in and formed a protective wall around Janhvi ensuring the crowds were not offended while he shielded her.

Says a prominent member of the Dhadak team, “Who says the age of chivalry is dead? Ishaan goes all-out to ensure Janhvi’s security and comfort in public places. We have to admit that there’s something special in his adoration and devotion. On the other hand Ishaan is a well brought-up boy whose mother (actress Neelima Azim) taught him to respect women always.She also told him to be extra-concerned about Janhvi as she is suddenly mother-less. Maybe Ishaan is as protective of all co-stars. But we feel there’s something special here.”

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