“Isn’t The Ghoomar A Shining Example Of Make In India?” Asks An Ecstatic Sanjay Bhansali

As  His Film Does The Ghoomar Of Its own At  The Boxoffice, Collects 300 Crores

 The Ghoomar dance in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmaavat which so offended certain rogue elements in the country has taken the world by storm.

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A video showing American school students, cheerleaders dancing to Ghoomar during an NBA basketball match between Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat in the United States of America has gone viral.

And Sanjay Bhansali just can’t stop smiling.

“I heard how little children performing the Ghoomar dance at a school in India were stopped. I’d like to tell those disruptive elements  that  you can’t stop something as beautiful and  innocent as this from reaching out into the hearts  of people across the world.”

Sanjay’s heart swells with pride to see Ghoomar reaching into the hearts and feet of American kids.

Says the director, “What better illustration of our prime minister Narendra Modiji’s ‘Make In India’ policy? I feel our culture is so rich and varied.We’ve so much to give the West. Why not take our culture and art forms  to  the West rather than continuously borrow their lifestyle and  culture?”

Bhansali would like to give credit for the impact of the Ghoomar dance where it is due.  “Of course Deepika danced like a dream.But it wouldn’t have been possible without our choreographer Kruti Mahesh and the Ghoomar specialist Jyoti Tomar .”

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