‘It feels amazing to be the only female coach on The Voice India Kids’

From being the youngest coach on the judging panel of The Voice India Kids, to rejoicing the victory of the contestant of her very own team, Palak Muchhal has come a long way! A passionate singer that she is, Palak left no stone unturned in being actively involved in the training and mentoring of her
contestants. And the efforts have finally paid off as Manashi Sahariah from Assam, the little princess of Palak’s team, took home the winner’s trophy!

Q1. The first season of Voice Kids was won by Neeti Mohan and her team and the subsequent
season by you and Manashi. Girl Power indeed! Your comments
It feels amazing to be the only female coach on the panel and the youngest one to feature on The
Voice Kids. This came as a challenge to me initially because Coach HR is somebody whom I worked with
when I was 14 years old so he actually sees me as a kid. Coach Shaan is much senior to me. To share
the panel of judges with them was an absolute honour for me.

'It feels amazing to be the only female coach on The Voice India Kids' 2

Q2. Your comments on Manashi winning the title?
The whole country had a unique kind of attachment with Manashi. Everybody was hoping that Manashi
wins. I was getting so many messages saying she is our hope and should win. Having said that, all the
kids who participated are winners. But Manashi winning the trophy is not just a victory for her, but for
all those aspirants who come from a small village with big dreams!

Q3. How did you feel when her name was announced on stage?
I haven’t taken part in any of the reality shows and The Voice India Kids was my first as a coach. So I
haven’t experienced such anxiety before of the Finale and the name of the winner being announced. It
was quite an experience for me. Honestly speaking, all of us together had no rivalry between us be it
the coaches or the kids. So, all of us were equally nervous and excited for the kids. At a personal level,
I definitely have a special connect with Manashi so I was over the moon when her name was
announced. The feeling was more of a proud elder sister whose younger sister has won the show. It was
a very emotional feeling and I took a little time to absorb it all.

Q4. What was your most memorable moment on the show with Manashi?
There was a moment when I took her out because she comes from a village where only 300 people live
so they are not familiar with tall buildings and big cars that we have in Mumbai. So I took her out one
day and it was a memorable day for both of us because I was looking at the city with her eyes and she
was simply mesmerized. I was actually feeling that excitement with her.

Q5. Any advice you would like to give Manashi from here on?
Most importantly, I would want her to continue with her studies. She must continue with her riyaaz
because this is just the beginning for her… she has won the competition, but it shouldn’t go into her
head. I hope going forward she pursues music with the same kind of dedication and sincerity because
when she grows up, I hope to see her in Mumbai doing playback singing.

Q6. Your advice to the other contestants who were in the race for the title.
I would like to congratulate them all. I keep telling all of them that they are the winners for me. Over
1 lakh kids participated in The Voice India Kids, and each one of them had their own style of singing.

Now they have their own fan following, so many admirers who love them and winning hearts is much
bigger achievement than winning a trophy.

Q7. Will we see you teaming up with Manashi any time soon?
I am planning a collaboration, and I may look at doing concerts with her… You will have to wait and

Q8. You have stood for girl power. How does it feel to see Manashi take home the title?
Personally, I believe that we shouldn’t set parameters of success for girls in comparison to boys. Girls
shouldn’t be proving that they can do or achieve anything that boys can. As individuals’ girls are strong
and independent in many ways. Girls will stop at nothing and that’s what Manashi has proven.

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