“It was very tough for me to match Alia’s dance steps,” Tiger Shroff Raves About Alia

From the second when Alia Bhatt slides down the pole into Tiger Shroff’s snazzy bedroom the ‘Hook Up’ song from Student Of The Year 2(SOTY2) slides down all the way.

This is the combination we’ve all been waiting to see.And sure enough,Alia looks better with Tiger Shroff than all her co-stars so far. So you would expect the ‘special’ song that Alia does for SOTY to be special.

Nothing in the song justifies the presence of the most beautiful contemporary couple on this side of Deepika and Saif.

Tiger and Alia do make a fabulous pair. But for this???!!! The colours are patchy and gaudy, the song is sickeningly desperate to be a dancefloor favourite. The couple tries hard to make sense of the steps given to them.But it’s a losing game.

What the song does tell us is that a full-length film with Tiger and Alia in the lead is a must.

Says Tiger exuberantly, “I’d love that. I’d like to do a full-length film with Alia sooner rather than later. She is just amazing.She lights up every shot she is in.She is on a different level altogether.If only someone would offer us the right script.”

Evidently the besotted Tiger admits Alia out-danced in every step. I protest about his ostensible modesty.

But Tiger is adamant. “This time I’m not being modest. She is really better than me in the dancing.It was very tough to match Alia’s dance steps.No matter what the step or dancing style she makes it her own.I have never worked with a dancing partner who had me so much on my toes, literally.”

Tiger can’t stop raving about Alia. “She is one of her kind. I had the experience of my life dancing with her. She is a such a big star.But she has no airs. She is so hardworking and so hungry to learn and improve. It was inspiring just being around her.”

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