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“It Was Very Unfair To Troll My Brother For Saying What He Felt To Be Right,” Sonam Kapoor Defends Harshvardhan

Harshvardhan Kapoor’s recent run-in with Diljit Dosanjh and a media group for giving him the award for the best debutant has hurt his star-sister Sonam Kapoor.

“He’s not that kind of a person. Harsh is the sweetest gentlest kindest soul I’ve met .And to troll him just because he made a point about the debutant’s award, is just too unfair. He was speaking out of conviction.And according to me  he was not speaking  out of line,” says the protective and proud sister , who feels Harsh was “awesome” in his debut film Mirzya.

“Just because it didn’t work doesn’t mean all the hard work that has gone into it is nullified,” asserts Sonam. “Even my debut film Saawariya didn’t work at the boxoffice. But I’m very proud of it.And I’m proud of what my brother did in Mirzya.”

Regarding Harsh’s  objection to  Diljit Dosanjh’s debut award Sonam avers, “Harsh is one ofDiljit Paaji’s biggest fans. Harsh’s objection was  on technical not creative grounds.Our father(Anil Kapoor) has always taught us to be appreciative of other actor’s works.We’ve grown  up in an atmosphere where we have constantly heard other actors’ work being appreciated. Neither my brother nor I would ever feel resentful of the good work done by our colleagues.”


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