“It’s Time To Change The Laws, “ Rakesh Roshan Reacts To FIR For Plagiarism From Uttarkhand

An FIR lodged against Rakesh Roshan by a Dehra Doon based writer claiming that parts of Krissh 3 were plagiarized from the accuser’s novel, has the filmmaker questioning  laws that allow intrusive lawsuits to hamper obstruct and impede many filmmakers’ creativity.

Says Rakesh Roshan angrily, “It’s become a joke.Nowadays  anyone stands up to  make claims on films and filmmakers.If anyone has a story for filming it should be registered with the Writers’ association and this association they should be the final voice.No court should entertain such far-fetched copyright claims.”
In the meanwhile there are expensive lawyers and lawsuits fighting on behalf of the aggrieved filmmaker. “What to do? There is no other option but to fight back. One has to protect one’s rights
Till some stringent law is implemented this will keep happening. I as an individual cannot fight this.”

Mulling over the irony of such copyright claims the celebrated filmmaker says, “There was a case filed against  me six months after the release of Krrish 3 claiming that the story belongs to someone from Lucknow.The court  hearings are still unaware  that the story of  Krissh 3 starts from where my earlier super-hero film Koi Mil Gayaleft off.What can I say? The laws about copyright claims have to be stricter.”

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