Ittefaq Unplugged: The New Version Will Be Completely Reworked

The new version of  B R Chopra’s 1969 thriller Ittefaq starring Sidharth Malhotra and Sonakshi Sinha is going to be a completely different beast from the original.

We hear from reliable sources that the new version will be completely revamped including the identity of the killer at the end.

Says the source, “Every movie buff has seen the original Ittefaq which was produced by the legendary B R Chopra and directed by his brother Yash Chopra. It was a pathbreaking suspense thriller with a sterling performance by Rajesh Khanna as a psychologically disturbed fugitive on the run who seeks shelter in a home where a woman is all alone in the house.It turns out at the end that the woman has murdered her husband.”

The 1969 film had completely changed  actress Nanda’s image from the goodygoodyangelic heroine to a killer.

According to sources  the film will have a different killer of an ending.

“B R Chopra’s son Abhay Chopra intends to change the killer’s identity in the newIttefaq.It doesn’t make sense to have the same killer .Everyone would know the suspense beforehand,” says the source.

Also, while the original  Ittefaq was a revolutionary songless thriller the new version will have songs as part of the background score.

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