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I’ve bounced back every time I have been trashed: Birthday Girl Raveena Tandon



Subhash K  Jha Speaks To His Rakhi-Sister Raveena Tandon On  Her Birthday

So how old are  you today?

I am as  old as want to feel every day. On some days I wake  up feeling I am 80. On  other days I feel I am  just starting out it in life. You are as young or old as you want to be.

But seriously it’s sinful to have a  sister as sexy as  you?

(laughs  uproariously) Who told you to make me  your sister? Jokes apart, life feels good , wonderful. I’ve never felt better.I’ve two lovely children who are growing up well and not over-pampered,touchwood.

You’ve been married for  13 years. What’s it been like?

Anil(husband Anil Thadani) has been the best  thing to have happened to my life. He understands me completely, better than  I understand  myself. He gives me space to make mistakes  but steps  in  if a situation gets  out of hand. His supportive and protective,  but not intrusive.

While marriages are crumbling apart in  the entertainment business why has your remained steadfast for so long?

You are making it sound like a crime(laughs). No, if you’re asking me the  secret recipe for a successful marriage, there is none. One rule every marriage must follow is to give your spouse the space to breathe. Holding him him accountable for every  minute of his life calling to check on him  constantly.Tum kahan ho, kisske saath ho, Phone itni der se kyon uthaya …not happening. Stop complaining and start enjoying the partnership before it’s too late.

Why are so many marriages falling apart in  your world?

If  by my world you mean the show-world then let me quickly remind  you that marriages are falling apart in equal measures in other walks of life too. It’s just that actors are in  the limelight .Every move is scrutinized.And that’s one of  the reasons  why marriages are in trouble.Every slip-up is magnified.

Do you find it hard to dress up and  be at your best the minute you step out?

Haan  yaar. It’s tough. Nowadays you can’t repeat shoes, clothes, bags. The photographers are  everywhere. Even if you  go to school to pick up your kids you have to make  sure you are dressed up.

Are  you happy with the roles coming  to you?

I can’t complain. I still get to do something  like Maatr where the entire film revolves around me. I am not really dying to do  any and every thing that comes my way.  I’ve done  enough films. There was a  time when I slogged round the clock doing three shifts a day. Now my first priority is my family.

What makes you look so good after 40?

You had  to remind me of my age, huh? I guess it’s very important to find inner peace. Be grateful for what  life gives you.And don’t hanker for what you  don’t have. What’s not yours is probably  never meant to be  .

What does Raveena Tandon think when she’s alone?

She thinks she has one life to live, so enjoy every God-given moment instead of  frittering precious time in ugly mudslinging and controversies. That’s not the way I am even when people have tried to pull me down.  My conscience is always clear. That’s why I’ve bounced back every time I have been trashed

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