J P Dutta To Make A bio-Pic On Vinod Khanna

They were inseparable friends  during Vinod Khanna’s lifetime  Movie Moghul J P Dutta made  3 films with the star-actor.J P Dutta also launched Vinod Khanna’s son Akshaye Khanna  in Border.

But J P Dutta’s relationship with Vinod Khanna went far deeper than  a professional association.

Says  JP, “We were inseparable, emotionally,that is. Vinod is  the  brother that I lost in the airforce.When I directed  my first film Sarhad  it was based on my brother Deepak. And  Vinod played the lead. Unfortunately that  film got shelved. It will always remain my favourite film. After several years I  made my directorial debut with Ghulami. Unfortunately  for me, Vinod  quit cinema and left for the US to be with Acharya Rajneesh in Oregon. I had to replace  him with Dharmendra. But through all his exits and  comebacks we remained very close friends.”

 Vinod Khanna’s death left an irreplaceable vacuum  in  J P’s heart. “I first  lost my mother when I was very young. Then my brother went suddenly. Then  my father.Then Vinod….Bichde sabhi baari baari.”

JP is now planning a   bio-pic on the actor-politicians who  lived his  life on his  own terms.

“And always lived  life  king-size. It could be  no other way  for Vinod,” says  JP fondly.

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