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Jackie & Tiger Shroff On Karan’s Show Rocked The Boat Without Toppling It Over

At last an episode which had no phallic references, no sex jokes….though Karan Johar being the naughty overgrown brat for keeps and quips,  did slip in a rapid fire question to poor Tiger about whether he would go to his father for advice on sex.

Tiger looked like a cornered cub. Even Tiger’s oh-so-cool Dad for once looked aghast.

Really, Karan. Who goes to fathers for advice on sex?

Having got the mandatory naughty query out of the way  Karan Johar allowed the father and son room to be themselves. Tiger, looking endearingly awkward unsure and nervous, spoke of what it was like growing up as his super-suave dad’s son.Come success or failure,dad never allowed his family to feel the heat of the film industry.

Jackie was so laidback on the show it seemed he would doze off. But he was all there, offering drawling gyan on love(so misused) , family and love for one’s family. Also to be called staccato and stiff by the critics until Mahesh Bhatt’s Kaash came along.

“Then the critics said he could act,” chuckled Jackie.

Not that he cared either way.This supremely detached swag is what his leading ladies loved about the senior Shroff. By far the best segment on this weekend’s Koffee WithKaran(KWK)featured Jackie’s leading ladies Poonam Dhillon, Juhi Chawla and, surprise surprise,Meenakshi Sheshadri who spoke with a yankee twang(she has married and migrated to Trump’s territory). And yes the leading lady of Jackie’s life wife Ayesha also made a significant guest appearance. But where oh where was Madhuri Dixit the co-star Jackie raved and raved about?

Ayesha broke down while speaking in a heartfelt video about her husband’s many qualities.  Jackie whistled and clapped not in approval but to somehow stop his wife from her confessional binge.

All though, Tiger sat beside his father like  a good obedient docile son,his eyes darting nervously from one end if Karan’s swanky set to the other, wondering who or what will pop up to embarrass him.

Now we know why Jackie refuses to share screen space with his son. The boy would be hopelessly eclipsed although he is a far more accomplished screen entity in every department except the emoting, than his father ever was. Juhi Chawla raved about Tiger’s dancing while Poonam Dhillon expressed disapproval about Jackie’s smoking and over-generosity.

The father and son also spoke about dealing with failure. Their bonding was evident in little gestures, in the way Jackie kept reaching out and rubbing his nervous son’s forearm to comfort him.

Relax, son, this is showbiz…said Jackie’s eyes to Tiger. Karan Johar remembered his own father who would insist Karan sit in his lap even when he was too large  to fit.

KWK this weekend was  a perfect fit.It was about loving one’s family and ignoring the bumps that come up during the journey of life.This was the best episode in recent times, the last 3 episodes featuring Jacqueline-Siddharth, Kareena-Sonam and Priyanka Chopra being among the worst.

Rating: ***(3 stars)


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