Jacqueline Fernandez Gets Rapped On Knuckles For Improper Behaviour At Sridevi’s Last Rites

It takes a lot of inborn dignity and grace to comprehend and respond to a tragedy as immense as the loss of Sridevi.

Therefore it was not surprising but dismaying to see Jacqueline Fernandez, yes, the same Sri Lankan marvel who gets a Kick out being in the Race, cover herself with disgrace.

Cover herself, she did with a dupatta on her head at Sridevi’s cremation. Having gotten her fill with decorum with her head-covering act, she went on to flash her trademark grin on one of the darkest days of  Bollywood’s calendar.
A prominent filmmaker who was present at the funeral says, “There was not one person from the film industry who wasn’t teary-eyed. Many broke down openly.Then to see this  actress(Jacqueline  Fernandez)grinning from ear  to ear…disgusting.”

 An actress who has worked with Fernandes says, “Perhaps Jacqueline needs to learn about Indian etiquette. The people who told her to cover up her head  for the  tragic occasion probably  forgot to tell her to zip up her lips,”

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