Jacqueline Fernandez Turns Down Sajid Khan’s Offer

One doesn’t know whom to  congratulate  more . Director Sajid Khan for his audacity in offering an item song to Jacqueline Fernandez in House Full 4  , or Jacqueline for her blunt refusal  of the same.
For those who came in late, Sajid Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez have a  history. They were apparently  in   a relationship for over two years  when she was  offered   Khan’s Housefull and Housefull 2 . She happily did them. Then they fell out , and …well, all goods things come to an end.

Until now, when suddenly Sajid Khan decided to  offer  Jacqueline an  item song in  House Full 4 which he’s directing.

She refused point blank.

Says a  source  well-informed  about this mortifying incident, “In the spirit of letting bygones be bygones Sajid Khan approached his ex (Jacqueline) with  an  offer that he  felt she couldn’t resist. After all, House Full 4 is a mammoth franchise and  its producer is  the mighty Sajid Nadiadwala who has played a big hand in Jacqueline’s stardom(her big  breakthrough film Kick  with Salman Khan was produced by Nadiadwala). But Jacqueline  not only refused the offer she even refused to meet  Sajid Khan.”

We now hear  the item song goes to, who else, Malaika Arora Khan.

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