Jacqueline Plays John’s Stalker In Dhishoom

So Why Is Jacqueline Being Projected As Varun’s Heroine When She’s Cast Opposite John?

That’s the question someone closely associated with Rohit Dhawan’s Dhishoom is asking.

The Sri Lankan starlet is cast opposite John Abraham in the film .And yet she is seen promoting the film everywhere with Varun .

What is the deal?

Shrugs the source, “It is baffling. Jacqueline is cast opposite John.She plays his stalker.Wohkehte hai na, haath dhoke peeche paddna. John doesn’t give her the time of day. But she insists on showering him with attention, following him everywhere.”

As for Varun, he doesn’t really have a leading lady in the film.

Says  the source, “He plays a chichora character. Dilp khenk naujawan (a Casanova). Varun has one song with Parineeti Chopra and another with Nargis Fakhri. But no leading lady.He is happy sowing wild oats.”

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