Jacqueline Will have To Act Drunk Throughout


In  what  could possibly be  a turning point in her career Jacqueline Fernandez  will play  the distinguished British actress Emily Blunt’s role of  alcoholic in the Hindi remake  of The Girl On A  Train.

Emily Blunt was nominated for an  Oscar for her unconditional surrender  to  her  part. She was  so  convincing as the woman sozzled and losing touch with reality, that critics wondered whether she was actually drunk.

She  was, actually, at times drunk. But Fernandez won’t have the luxury of surrendering to drinks.

Says a source, “Director Ribhu Dasgupta  will take Jacqueline  through the paces. He will visit   rehabilitation centres with her, so that she can study  firsthand how alcoholics on  the wagon, behave.She will have stop saying every dialogue with a  giggle. This will be her chance  to get over her air headed image.”

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