Jacqueline’s Visit To Shah Rukh Khan’s No ‘Mistake’

Wonder what prompts Bollywood’s stars  to make statements that they regret later. Take  Jacqueline  Fernandez. She was seen visiting Shah  Rukh Khan’s  office last week,and when questioned  about it by the inquisitive media the actress laughed and  said she landed up at SRK’s  doorstep by “mistake”

Bizarre and ridiculous as her explanation may sound,  it is easy to see where her anxiety to wriggle out of the situation comes from.

“Salman Khan,”  explains  a  close friend of Salman.  “She obviously went  to Shah Rukh for a possible role in one of his films hoping no one would know, because if  Bhai(not  Jacqueline’s  Bhai) Salman gets to know she ’s lobbying for a part at SRK’s , Bhaiwon’t like it at all. Maybe she wanted to keep it under wraps until something with SRK actually materialized. But very foolish of her to dismiss the visit as a ‘mistake’. Now she’s pissed  off  both Salman and  Shah Rukh.”

Interestingly the two Khan superstars’ heroines have been largely exclusive to each.  For example, if  Priyanka Chopra was seen as SRK’s heroine(after Don)  Salman refused films  with her  until he was convinced she  was not working with SRK anymore.

And why do you think Deepika Padukone is yet  to be paired onscreen with Salman?

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