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Jai Mummy Di Looks Like An Outlaw Comedy About In-laws



The just-out trailer of  Jai Mummy Di is  fun  , if for no other reason then  for simply putting two senior actresses at  the forefront.I can’t remember  any Hindi rom-com  before Jai Mummy Difocusing on two warring mothers-in-law ,or rather  future mothers-in-law  constantly at loggerheads.

While  Supriya Pathak is  ‘safe’ casting—she has a proven track record  of  accomplished  performances playing cranky characters—casting Poonam  Dhillon is  a bit  of  a surprise. Her comic timing has never been explored before. She seems  to be  doing  fine in the trailer  exploring  the  sassy Saas territory while giving the  indomitable  Mrs Pathak a run  for her money.

The  combative scenes  between the  two  actresses seem well-aimed and  the writing crackles with  the lowbrow low blows that loud ladies  are often known  to  throw at each other.There  is a dig about Manish Malhotra’s clothes and  that gives  the  goings-on a feeling of familiarity. It’s  good to see Sunny Singh  and Sonali Saigal  ,  two of producer Luv Ranjan’s less successful protégés than  Kartik Aryan,  together as  the progenies  of the two warring mothers.

Says  Luv Ranjan, “Every actor has his or her own destiny.As  for Jai Mummy Di it is entirely Navjot Gulati’s  baby. He came to me with the  idea . I liked it and I  agreed to produce it.”

Ranjan  feels as a producer he has a  lomg way to go. “As a director or an actor you can come into instant recognition. But a  producer has  to have a  proven track record  of successful films  before he can be called a  successful  producer. I think I am in the process of getting there.”

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